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Ann Arbor & Rogers City

What do we do? In brief, we do as we please. There are a lot of photographers trying to do many things. That's not our things. We will always specialize in product photography. With that no-shame frankness, we do have some quality skills with digital content and lighting. We know that there are always people behind the products and are happy to provide portraits and headshots for a single artist or for each member of your office team. 

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There are a lot of moving pieces to life. Let us hash out the details together. Please reach out and tell us what is needed. We've enough experience to know that website forms can be a barrier, so please just drop us a line straight to email at or give us a call at 734-546-1564.


Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
Rogers City, Michigan 49779  |  Tel: 734-546-1564

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